Knee Braces
Breg's Custom Fit Unloading Knee Braces with Adjustable Hinges.
Women's X2K
Compact X2K
Right, Left or Bilateral Unloading Knee Brace with Adjustable Hinges

Finally, a functional OA brace that addresses not only the pain associated with
Unicompartmental osteoarthritis but also the stability needs of the patient. The
CounterForce is based on a proven functional new brace design that controls
both anterior/posterior and varus/valgus instabilities. Incorporated in the design
is a revolutionary condyle pad system. The CounterForce outs full control of
applied loads into the physician's and patient's hands. Using a simple tool, the
patient can adjust the medial or lateral condyle pade to apply load to relieve
osteoarthritic pain.
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M-BRACE Patella Stabilizer
Right, Left or Bilateral KO Immobilizer with Hinges

The M-Brace Patella Knee Brace provides a unique closure
system to provide excellent protection for the patella all in a
neoprene-free model.  This model is universal for use on both
the right and left knee and is made of 100% cotton velour
perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities.  This patella knee
brace fits comfortably around any leg with a disproportionate
thigh to calf size because of its cinch up design.  The material
around the front of the patella is covered to reduce any
window edema formation.  The individual closure locking straps
are designed to provide a more customized fit.  Two
"C"-shaped buttress are located on the inside of the brace to
provide patella control with any type of activity.
Right, Left or Bilateral Adjustable ROM Knee Brace

Adjustable knee brace allows for progressive
rehabilitation. The polycentric ROM hinges have flexion
and extension settings that can be adjusted in 20 degree
increments to control movement of the joint, preventing
further injury and speeding the healing process. The dual
axis polycentric hinges track more closely with knee joint
motion than a single axis hinge and provide medial and
lateral stabilization to the joint. The Tri-Permalon™
material is latex free and neoprene free for breathable,
compressive support. The universal, two-way adjustable
design fits a wide range of sizes and gives a custom-like
fit. Features an open popliteal, adjustable support straps,
and a wrap-around design.
FLA Orthopedics Adjustable ROM Knee Brace Series 37-450
JSTIM 1000 Transcutenous Electrical Joint Stimulation Device
The JSTIM 1000 is a patent-pending breakthrough in the
treatment of Osteoarthritis of the knee and Rheumatoid arthritis
of the hand. It is FDA and Medicare cleared, and through
combination therapy it deploys the use of three proprietary
technologies: electrotherapy, infrared heat, and true
compression therapy. The JSTIM 1000 includes a proprietary
signal generating device, a special electrotherapy conductive
treatment wrap (used for the knee or hand), infrared heat
components (infrared heat band, li-polymer battery, compression
wrap), and PMT's conductive solution.
Transcutenous Electrical Joint Stimulation Device
DX: OA  RA of Knee. DJD Knee or any relevant /
specific diagnosis that would qualify.  
Quatity 1- Lifetime
Hot and Cold Water Therapy System
                The Aqua Relief System
Designed to deliver localized cold or hot water therapy to patients either in the
home or during their hospital visit. It comes standard with a separately sold
universal therapy wrap that fits many different areas of the body including:
knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows, calves, and limbs. Other form fitting pads
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JSTIM Knee Instructional Guide